Lockdown Charlie Parker

Basically, you're about as chilled as a person can be. Going solo is your forte, and you're really enjoying being to hear the birds again.

Lockdown Charlie Watts

Despite hanging out with very disreputable rock 'n' roll types, you retain the demeanour of a stoned jazz musician.

Lockdown Charlie Dickens

You've let your beard and hair grow, in a rakish way. And you continue to produce insightful commentary on social and technological change.

Lockdown Charlie Darwin

The beard's taken on a life of its own. Evolved, if you will. You're coming up with ideas that, quite frankly, are starting to scare you.

Lockdown Charlie Chaplin

It took you a while to find your voice, but now that you have, your passion is directed more and more against the evils of the modern world.

Lockdown Charlie Brown

Your innate trust in people is taking a real battering, despair is starting to take over, and your dog has all but given up on you.

Lockdown Charlie Bronson

You have creativity and an eye on redemption. But your reputation for losing your temper means that others prefer you in self-isolation.

Lockdown Charlie Sheen

A consumer of huge quantities of alcohol and drugs, not to mention tiger blood, it's fair to say you're not handling things at all well.

Lockdown Charlie Manson

You may have the charisma to bring others under your evil spell, but you're beyond saving, totally bat-shit crazy.